a revolution in wing design

a revolution in wing design

We provide tailored flexible wing solutions for high-performance applications.


Our Mission

is to design with wing flexibility in mind right from the start, so as to improve key aircraft performance measures, such as:

>> range, payload or endurance
>> max/min flight velocities
>> stability in gusty winds
>> manoeuvrability




Fixed-wing drones

DaptaBlade has developed a flexible wing technology (patent pending), which can be integrated into current drone wings to improve the aeroelastic efficiency, by reducing aerodynamic drag and/or the wing weight by up to 20%.
The tailored wing sections passively change the shape of the wing as a function of the flight speed and of the pitch angle, which results in beneficial changes in the wing load distribution.
The technology concept was demonstrated in the lab at the University of Bristol in 2018 and free-flight tests are planned for mid-2019 to quantify the key benefits.


Founder & CEO

Dr Olivia Stodieck has over 10 years experience in the commercial aerospace sector, working in industry and in research, with a focus on wing design and analysis. She was awarded a 2019 QTEC enterprise fellowship at the University of Bristol to support her in bringing leading-edge aerospace technology to a wide user community.


Contact Us

DaptaBlade is looking for team members and partners to commercialise the technology. If interested, please get in touch.

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Our Office

Unit DX, St Philips Central
Albert Road
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